Certified installers provide a solution at height

South Gloucestershire Council offices

September,  2015 Yate

We were initially referred to this client as consultants to look at access issues for the internal atrium of the South Gloucestershire Council Offices. After discussion, it was felt that the most cost effective and visually unobtrusive solution would be to install BS EN795 eye bolts to the two ends of the atrium. As certified installers and end users of this type of anchor, we could be sure that they were put in the right places. Our recommendations have now gone into the CDM.

We returned to site at the end of the contract to conduct a specialist builder's clean of the internal atrium. However, as we often find in these situations, when other trades see where we can get to, our scope of works grew. These include tensioning tie bars; assisting sealant contractors, snag painting, cleaning external ETFE membrane on the roof of the atrium and external window cleaning. To access the windows in the courtyard, we designed and manufactured site-specific rope 'stand off' frames to prevent any damage to the shade louvers above the windows.

While we were on site, we were very proud to make it to the number one spot on the Site Safety League Table, with the comment "Intelligent approach to work" next to our name.