Alpla Production Hall

August,  2015 Droitwich

Due to poor lighting and inaccessible light fittings the client investigated several options for the replacement of the lighting in the production hall. For access via means of scaffolding the total costs came close to £80K. Prime Access was found to be able to carry out the access via abseiling saving circa £47,000.

Steel work was accessed via combining abseiling techniques and using a cherry picker. As seen in Figure 1 & 2.

Hall with cherry picker
Figure 1: Access via cherry picker
Hall access via ropes
Figure 2: Access via ropes
Hall dust covers over conveyors
Figure 3: Dust covers over conveyors

The lights are isolated and removed without dust contamination to the equipment by enclosing the old lights and lowering to the ground floor. As seen in Figure 3 & 4.

Lowering the old lights
Figure 4: Lowering of the old lights
New lights being raised
Figure 5: New lights being raised
The conveyor system provides challenges for conventional access
Figure 6: The conveyor system provides challenges for conventional access

Access to the lighting was possible even with massive restrictive access such as the conveyor system as seen in Figure 6 and the final result of new lighting can be seen in Figure 7.

The new lighting system
Figure 7: The new lighting system

In a very short period (9 days) inexcess of 70 high bay fittings were replaced with no Health and Safety, production, quality or customer supply issues.